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Barefaced Celebs: not so glamorous!

Barefaced Celebs: not so glamorous!

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Celebs might wow us on the red carpet, but in daily life, without lighting and A list hairstyles, there isn’t much of that glamour left at all. Even worse, when celebs go barefaced, they look depressingly normal. With imperfections, dark circles and tired, drawn features... They look worse than us first thing in the morning! Luckily, there are magic tricks like foundation and under-eye concealer for a beauty transformation for the red carpet. We know we’re naughty, but it’s always nice to know that those celebs we all thought were so perfect are as human as the rest of us! Here are 12 photos of barefaced celebs.   Stéphanie Moyal     Photo credit: Sipa

Posted 03.04.2012

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