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Skin treatments
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Treat your skin to grape therapy

Rich in anti-aging properties, and reputed for keeping veins healthy, grapes are taking the stage and becoming a star ingredient in beauty treatments.

Grape therapy
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We’ve known for many years that grape seeds are gorged with mineral salts, vitamins and oligo-elements.  Today, we acknowledge that grapes have exceptional nutritive properties, and their renown is gaining terrain in the cosmetic world, even spas – those cult havens for wellbeing.

More recently, it has also been discovered that grapes are real sources of beauty: grape seeds and red grapevine leaves are powerful antioxidants. So whether Cabernet, Merlot or Sauvignon... your beauty deserves the best vintages.

Grapes and their polyphenols

Carefully hidden within the fruit, grape seeds contain many active agents called polyphenols or OPC. They are substances our skin can’t get enough of, and rightly so. Star anti-aging ingredients par excellence, polyphenols are excellent “captors” of free radicals that are infamous for causing skin aging...  Studies have highlighted the fact that these polyphenols are ten thousand times more active than vitamin E in the fight against wrinkles.

And for skin texture, grapes can have an astonishing effect. Grapes have the limelight - a new advanced anti-aging active ingredient and the list of miracle products just gets longer. Resveratrol, a vine’s very essence, which stimulates the plant’s defences, helping it to regenerate, can now be extracted as the result of lengthy scientific research. The same benefits apply to our beloved skin; resveratrol stimulates cell renewal (+24%), and an added feature, also does so gently. A number of good reasons therefore to make it your new ‘pet’ anti-aging beauty ritual.

Grape creams and supplements

While wine made from grapes is a significant source of polyphenols, there are thankfully other ways to take advantage of its benefits. Starting with cosmetics that are beginning to use polyphenols in their formulas, slowly but surely. For care is definitely required; these polyphenols are extremely fragile and oxidise rapidly in the air, thus losing much of their effectiveness. Product costs also put off many a cosmetics’ manufacturer.  To give you an idea, one ton of grape seeds produces 1 kg of polyphenols. It’s easy to see why products containing polyphenols are so expensive...

But in the fight against skin aging, nothing will stop us, especially given the very positive results of polyphenols. “Used on skin, polyphenols protect elastin, collagen and conjunctive skin tissue, giving an instant rejuvenating effect,” explains Evelien, beauty therapist at the Caudalie spa.

You can therefore use them to give your skin a lifting effect for a real beauty boost. Combined with food supplements, which also guarantee good cellular dynamics, you will soon be able to forget which year you were born and surprise more than a few at your birthday!

Grape-based thermal spas

This grape and water concept is unique and works on the basis of thalassotherapy, but with grapes in all their forms, as the star ingredient instead of seawater. At Caudalie, you can get a bath in crushed grapes for blood circulation or a Gironde wine yeast wrap...

At traditional thermal spas you choose between ocean or Mediterranean seawater, here you choose between types of grapes: Cabernet, Merlot or Sauvignon... The treatments are combined with mountain spring water, rich in minerals and oligo-elements. That’s right, even with beauty treatments you need to add a little water to your wine!

But do the cosmetic properties of different grape types really differ? "The anti-aging properties are almost identical, it’s the ‘multi-sensorial’ effect which takes priority,” explains beauty therapist Evelien. Another watchword at the spa: ‘multi-sensorial’ hides a veritable ode to the senses.

The beauty treatments, even the most classic, involve different massage rituals with divine scents and the sensory pleasure of letting yourself go... a veritable driving force for beauty.

Posted 17.01.2011


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