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Aroma-cosmetics: wellbeing and beauty

What, cosmetics with aromatic qualities that act on the skin at the same time as smelling fantastic? Absolutely!

Get some aroma-cosmetics!
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Aroma-cosmetics tick all the boxes – giving you luminous skin as well as putting you in a positive mood. A real boon for both beauty and wellbeing!

Used in both alternative medicine and in cosmetics, aromatherapy and plant therapy have taken centre stage in the latest “eco-beauty” trends. But since the dawn of time, humans have turned to plants for beauty remedies: in 4,000 BCE, the Chinese and Egyptians had already begun to use plant remedies.

Later, plant remedies continued their aromatic quest from Greece and the Mediterranean shores into modern day formulas in the third millennium, which combine a poly-sensorial approach and scientific innovation.

How aroma-cosmetics work

Aroma-cosmetics (or cosmetic aromatherapy) borrow nature’s own philosophies of course, but that’s not all. Cosmetic labs are not just interested in the richness of plants’ aromas, but are especially interested in the qualities of these plants’ essential oils, brought to light by the work of the scientist René-Maurice Gattefossé (1881-1950), and the biologist Alexis Carrel (1873-1944).

Here’s a quick explanation from Christine Benet, former director of Décléor institutes, creative director for Darphin and most recently, founder of the Delarom brand: “As oily agents, essential oils will be attracted to the oiliest layers of the skin, bringing along their main active ingredients”. Furthermore, the bactericide, antiseptic and fungicide properties of essential oils all help to rebalance the epidermis in skins of all type and tone. Benefits that stamp these essential oils as miraculous beauty ingredients…

Rose and citrus fragrances are heavenly and the olfactory impact of creams with such essential oils can often make all the difference. Aromatic face care or body care products claim to have pleasant, calming and relaxing effects while also toning and energising the skin. The explanation behind these claims is: “Small doses of essential oils with aromatic qualities act on the skin as well as the hypothalamus through our sense of smell”.

These qualities are much sought-after at a time when the time we have to devote to our relaxation and beauty regimes is often limited. This is why skin care that combines the two is exactly what we all need! The skin reflects your inner body’s health, and a skin cream that contributes to your inner harmony will only add to your radiance!

Make the most of aroma-cosmetics

Essential oils are intelligent and selective, and will act according to the needs of your skin: “Each oil has specific properties," Christine Benet says, revealing the secrets buried at the heart of essential oils.

  • Faced with stresses that never stop attacking the skin, sweet orange and bitter orange essential oils soothe and relax you;
  • Are you after a purifying effect? Lavender and ylang-ylang have the detoxifying effect you are looking for;
  • Camomile rebalances the skin. Renowned for its reconstructing properties, the immortal flower produces an essential oil prized for its anti-ageing properties.
  • Sandalwood acts on the skin cells’ energy;
  • In tandem, Bulgaria rose, mixed with wood rose, proves to be an unequalled cellular anti-ageing stimulant.

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Posted 29.01.2012


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