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Micellar water: The best way to remove makeup

Formulated specifically for sensitive skin, micellar water has revolutionised the makeup removal ritual. Mixing the fresh feeling you get with water with the texture of an oil-based makeup remover, micellar water meets all your needs for purity and comfort. Simplicity is key.

Micellar: Choose this makeup remover!
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An essential step in your skincare regime, makeup removal requires careful attention. Sometimes done in a rush and often using the wrong products, this part of your beauty regime requires state-of-the-art cleansers, even more so for delicate skin types which are particularly affected by urban environments...

What a makeup remover does

While our tastes as well as our habits are diverse and varied when it comes to beauty products, our expectations are also two-fold in most cases. “Makeup removal should lift off any impurities as effectively as possible, like pigments and excess sebum on the skin”, says Isabella Benoît, Marketing Director for scientific communications at Esthederm. The cleansing action requires a greasy film on the skin which is not popular among women. The finish is often less than perfect and the sensation that comes with this is unpleasant. This is why numerous products are based on emulsions which a mix of oil and water; sadly not as kind to the skin. While impurities are removed effectively, the hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin is damaged.

The benefits of micellar water

For all those who are blessed with delicate skin, the search for expert makeup removal that is gentle and leaves a pleasant feeling ends with micellar water: a mix of water and oil that is not an emulsion.

What’s its secret? “The oil particles are extremely fine and mixed in to the product so well that you would barely know the water contained oil”, Isabelle Benoît explains. In technical terms, micellar water is an aqueous solution which mixes water with what are known as micelles (small spheres with a dual affinity with water and oil producing a cleaning agent that is both absorbent and hydrolipidic). In short, micellar water gives the appearance and sensation of being pure water, but has the added action of oil.

Micellar waters are slightly foaming and ensure perfect makeup removal without any need to rinse. This expert formula allows you to cleanse the surface of the skin of any grease, dirt or impurities, and (good news!) the surfactants are really gentle and do not have to be washed off with a lot of water.

Makeup removal in one, clean sweep

In an era where every minute counts, two-in-one products can be lifesavers. Acting also as a toner, which you use after you apply a makeup removing oil or milk, micellar water gives your skin that comfortable feeling you are looking for as well as giving it a sense of freshness. “Women are overwhelmingly in favour of this toning action”, Isabelle Benoît adds. Certain brands like Melvita, even advise using a toner in the morning, to gently awaken your skin.

This step in your beauty regime is simplicity itself: apply the toner using cotton wool in order to remove makeup from your face and eyes in particular. Another advantage to this pampering product is that its formula for sensitive skin, perfect for the delicate eye area, is combined with surfactants which ensure the skin is cleansed effectively to get rid of all traces of makeup on the eyes. On top of all this, you no longer need multiple cleansers as one product covers everything! One little snag though - micellar water does not work so well on waterproof makeup.

Recommended products

  • Osmopure Micellar Water - Esthederm

    This is a 3-in-1 makeup remover for the eyes and face, and has a toning effect which optimises cells’ energy and boosts their activity. This product’s secret weapon is its patented formula which re-forms interstitial liquid (water, adenosine triphosphate or ATP, and mineral salts). Boldo extracts activate the skin’s natural defence systems. A complex of synthetic and natural surfactants act in perfect osmosis with the skin. This is the VIP version of micellar waters.

    Osmopure Micellar Water - Esthederm - around £20 (200 ml)


  • Micellar water - Melvita

    Recommended for delicate skin types, this micellar water marries the moisturising properties of hydrolat of Cistus and guava syrup with the soothing properties of rose and witch hazel water. Extracts of everlasting flower and orange flower make your skin feel great.

    Micellar water- Melvita - £13 (200 ml)


  • 3 Roses Micellar Water - Nuxe
    For those who love the fresh feeling of water and the luxury of a mousse, this micellar water has a formula which contains micellar plant surfactants and is enriched with three roses with soothing, softening properties. The pump releases a thick mousse for smooth application that won’t cause any irritations.

    Eau de mousse micellaire - Nuxe - £24 (400 ml)

Posted 02.07.2012


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